Weather Alert Radios

Whenever you have a need to protect yourself or your family from disasters, you might want to buy a weather alert radio. These radios will keep you informed of all weather and non-weather related emergencies. When a watch or warning is issued from the National Weather Service (NWS), the radio will sound a tone to alert you. The best use of these alert radios is at night, while you are sleeping, or when you are awake but don’t have access to a television.

You will want to purchase an alert radio that has the SAME feature. Specific Area Messaging or (SAME) technology is used to encode the National Weather Radio (NWR) systems. This code is also used in the Emergency Alert System (EAS) broadcast. When your local NWS office broadcasts a warning, watch or even a non-weather emergency, a signal is sent to your weather radio to inform you of the situation. The SAME code contains the type of message, county(s) affected, and expiration time of the message.

A NWR radio that doesn’t have  the SAME technology will sound an alert for emergencies anywhere in the coverage area of the NWR transmitter, typically for several counties, even though the emergency could be well away from the listener. A radio equipped with SAME is able to be programmed for one or more county or area. This way you can choose what specific alerts or areas information that you want to hear.

Also, during an emergency, it might be several days before vital services are restored. A battery powered NOAA emergency alert weather radio will activate to provide you with up to date information about life threatening events, giving you extra time to prepare or evacuate if necessary.

Weather An More features portable or desktop versions of weather alert radios from a variety of manufacturers including: Midland, Kaito,Oregon Scientific, Etón, and others. Most of these weather radios include S.A.M.E. technology that enables you to localize emergency warnings to your specific area. Shop today and save on all weather alert radios available at our website,