Two of the more commonly used weather instruments are the Thermometer and Hygrometer. Even though they are such simple devices, they have many uses whether at home or on the go.

Thermometers have been in use for hundreds of years. Their use can be evidenced as far back as the late 16th century, when Galileo developed the first temperature measuring device. This instrument was not very accurate. The first modern thermometer, using mercury and having a standardized scale, was invented in 1714 by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit. Since then, a multitude of alternatives on this idea have been produced, and the thermometers of today are much more accurate.

Today many indoor outdoor thermometers come with advanced features. They may also have sensors for the heat index, relative humidity, wind chill, and dew point. With advanced components like this, you'll know even more about the weather.

The device used to measure the moisture content of the atmosphere is a hygrometer. The first crude device was built in the 1400s by Leonardo da Vinci. A more useful hygrometer was created in the 1660’s, while the first mechanical one was constructed in the late 18th century. At present we also have digital hygrometers, which measure both temperature and humidity to give you an idea of the relative humidity.  This is a value that more precisely tells how hot or cold you feel.

Here are a few of the many home uses for hygrometers. They can sense if it’s too dry, alerting you to run a humidifer. If too moist, turn on an air conditioner. A third use is as a digital cigar hygrometer to let you know if your cigar humidor is efficient.

While it's always important to know if it will be cloudy, rainy, or sunny, knowing the temperature and humidity outdoors is even more important. After all, when leaving your home, usually you want to know how you should dress for the day. To help you find out the outdoor temperature along with the humidity, a good wireless indoor outdoor thermometer-hygrometer is just the thing. Although a simple thermometer is all right, you'll find that a nice wireless option makes it even easier for you to know what the temperature and humidity is at all times.

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